Vertical garden

Make your ideas speak and choices inspire!

Vertical garden is a structure built to provide a green wall to the landscape or an elevation. Green walls add a refreshing look to high rise buildings, atriums, commercial spaces, Hotel lobbies, etc.
Vertical garden is a technique to raise plants and greens, vertically either using hydroponics or, soil and tubs. This involves quite an effort of maintenance and, at times, makes the back wall dirty. If you wish to have a hassle-free vertical garden, artificial plant is the best option. Artificial plants allow you to create exceptionally life-like green walls.
The amazing and convincing qualities of artificial plants and flowers will astonish you. They offer you a wide choice of native & flowering plants, beautifully hand-made, and in different heights to create great interiors and outdoors! These plants look very natural and true –to-life fresh looks. These plant materials are of very high quality to create the stems and petals that gives you a real feel when touched.
Artificial vertical garden provides a simple way to transform indoors, outdoors, balcony, foyer, walls, living room, etc. From Grass to shrubs, mixed green leaves, moses to flowering plants, artificial garden mats can be with ease. The benefits of creating artificial vertical gardens are as below: –
1. You can create an instant vertical garden with a stunning selection of plants to co-ordinate the area.
2. Instantly transform any dull space into a stunning artificial hanging garden.
3. The choice of plants allows you to bring out the creative side in you. Add a touch of contemporary elegance to your wall, using subtle lights to create the ultimate ambience!
4. Artificial green walls are easy to install and cost-effective. These are perfect solutions for homes, offices, hang-outs, cafes, etc
5. These plants are easy to vacuum clean, wash & dust. They are durable & last longer than the natural plants.
6. The next-gen artificial plants are UV resistant and free from fading from harsh sun light.
A Vertical Garden can be designed to meet your desire! The garden stand holders come in a wide range of materials flexible sizes, shapes, colors, etc. They are easy to fix and requires low turn-around time. We have a professional team that offer you with a whole range of accessories, fixtures and professional fixing services.