Customized Curtains

Customized curtains – for new age home décor!

Home Furnishing is an attitude. It’s a reflection of lifestyle.

Each house is distinct from the others and holds personal memories for those who live there. Because houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit specific budgets, planning for tailor-made or customized curtains is equally crucial.The curtain is chosen based on the use as well as other factors such as design, décor, and the natural environment. Vfurnish customized curtains are designed with a specific function in mind, and they offer a touch of elegance to any room.

Window curtains help control Sunlight, maintain the room temperature, privacy, controls dust & can get people closer with nature.Customized curtains could be both eco-friendly and protective, wherein the natural fibers allow the fresh air to flow through & filter harmful UV rays from the sun.

What are customized curtains made of?

Customized curtain fabrics come in a plethora of designs, riot of colours to imagine &different weave forms to create that perfect ambience! Window curtains and designer curtains by vfurnish offer décor solutions to add a wonderful style aspect to your homes with modern accessories.

Be it for indoors or outdoors, curtains are made of different fibers –Natural ones’ like cotton, Jute, abaca, bamboo and the man-made blended fabrics like poly blends & cotton-blends.

The fabrics are colored organically and in certain cases, the fabric materials are OEKO TEX 100 certified that ensures total safety on color fastness. Latest technology enables to produce fire resistant & sanitized fabrics!

Customized curtains make your home look attractive and are easy to maintain. It is more important to know that most of the curtain fabrics can be either wet washed in washing machine or dry cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.