Blinds create a unique “home style”

Motorized blinds are a natural choice to deck-up your windows that can bring about a great ambience to your homes. If you are planning to renovate your existing home or a new building, consider the job done with motorized blinds. At the press of a button, you can effortlessly operate your favorite blinds.
Blinds are a favorite choice at homes and in commercial establishment for the ease of use and its functionality. Plenty of options to choose from- a simple horizontal shutter blind, Zebra blind, skylight blinds, retractable blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, corded honeycomb blinds, to name a few.
Blinds can be used for various applications – to filter light, to block-out light, weather control, prevent dust, enhance the ambience, etc. During summer, they allow the flow of natural light and in winters, they act as heat insulators! In fact, they save a good sum on energy bills while functioning on weather control modes.
They are available in best choice of fabrics, Vinyl, wood slat, PVC, etc. Vfurnish Motorized blinds offer a comprehensive suite of cost-effective solutions in both customized and readymade fixtures.

Contemporary blinds – “an ideal choice”

Vfurnish motorized blinds can easily fit into your existing window frames and minimize the impact on space. Their sleek and ergonomic design can fit in any odd spots. They are noiseless and require minimal energy to operate. Maintenance, quick turnaround time, flexibility and ease of installation make it an ideal choice.
For the ease of operation, motorized blinds can be connected to a centralized control console operated through a remote control or from a smart phone. These blinds can be programmed to operate individually and timed as well. Automated blinds are reliable and last a distance.
Motorized blinds are an ideal upgrade option for your existing bead string blinds. They can be retrofitted on to your existing tracks, subject to feasibility of integration. Blinds shops can be a gateway to decide your fit.