Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a landscape feature enhancing the aesthetics of homes with remarkable flexibility and durability. Is anyone out there who wishes not to take a stroll on a grassy meadow? Certainly, the answer would be a NONE! Of course, everyone loves to live in harmony with nature and well kept green lawns are a pride to our homes.

Natural grass lawns are worth a great value but, it is hard to maintain, with other interventions like termites and insects, which could turn injurious to our expensive wooden furnishings. Artificial grass is an absolute alternate to answer these short comings. The best artificial grass varieties at vfurnish are made of exclusive yarn and UV inhibitors to withstand the effects of external conditions.

Artificial grass is a surface made of a synthetic material like PE, PP or nylon fiber which is made to resemble natural grass. One can find their wide application in popular sports arenas, indoor stadia’s, etc. Off late, you can find them used in residential lawns and commercial spaces as well.

Architects prefer artificial grass over natural grass for quite obvious reasons- it requires minimal maintenance & can withstand heavy usage for on- field sports & indoor courts. They can withstand heavy usage and really last long. At schools, it is very important for play grounds to be safe enough that children do not get injured.

While landscaping residential lawns, artificial grass looks naturally green, feels soft and dense. They require no irrigation, weeding or periodical mowing!Artificial grass dealers offer a wide variety of options for golf lovers, luxury to own a putting greens or a tee box at the back yard become a reality with artificial grass.

A multi-use back yard provides room for all health freaks to play, comfortably. Artificial grass can be put to use in pet yards too – they can be easy on their paws, provide them a feel of its natural habitat, removed and washed easily.

Whether you want to have artificial grass at school, work place or at home, they can really last long and good value-for-money buy.