Curtains Track

Curtain tracks and channels add to décor attitude with curtains. Window dressing is an art and choosing the right curtain track is a tough task! The curtain tracks have the dual function of holding the curtain &blend well to provide decorative feature. The choice of track/ channel depends on the specific location of its installation. Curtain channels / tracks are ergonomically designed, light in weight & are very easy to handle. Curtain rods subtly fit into any design element like a valance or pelmet.

Curtain tracks are equipped with guided motion system which offers comfortable and smooth movement of the curtain. These motion guides can be either connected to a cord or motorized to make it more users friendly. These guides help in both linear & vertical movement of the curtain.

Benefits of Curtain tracks/channel

Curtain tracks are very versatile & adaptive in nature. These tracks can be used both in indoors & outdoors. They can take different shapes to match the contours of the building and provide an austere look. It enhances the visual appeal of the place and functionally the best choice. They are very easy to install and are very comfortable to use. These hi-tech motion guides can be automated with motors that enable the user to move the curtains, remotely. Removing of the curtains for cleaning is also made very simple with these motion guides.

Value added services

These curtain tracks can be fixed from the ceiling to the floor. This enables to quickly convert a large place to make a partition. You can create private space for your home entertainment, lounge or even a rain shower cubicle!

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