Astonishing Pleated Curtains from V Furnish


Pencil pleat curtain has simple, slim, elegant folds to make the perfect window dressing. It is most suitable for wide or narrow casements hung on cords. Pencil pleat is the traditional in character offering a standard heading for curtains and valances suitably designed for all types of curtain rails and poles to pull or gather as you desire.


Pinch pleat curtains are tailor –made to precise measurement for a perfect finish. A decorative heading fittingly made in all fabrics to precise measurement, as it consumes more drapery. Pinch pleats use more fabric and are fuller than pencil pleats. The pleats look luxurious and custom-made with an accurate track/pole width that allows a gathering of curtains to the correct width.


Goblet is a formal, sewn heading style. Goblet heading uses more fabric and looks packed more than pencil pleat. The pleats are well-stitched to reflect and are enduring and cosy. The tailored goblet pleat requires perfect quote an perfect trail/rod precise to fit the width of accurate measurement and preferred style. You are sure to be enticed by goblet shaped gathering that creates a lavish statement in a formal space and works well with thicker fabrics. Goblet is most suitable for small windows. Just stack back when required and adore the many hues adorn the curtain tracks and poles.


Is your choice French pleats or otherwise well-known as the triple pleat header? Create a formal ambiance for any room effortlessly with triple pleat curtains. The pleats can be made longer and usually hung on both curtain tracks and poles.


Cottage pleats give an attractive lenient gathering to the header. They are uniquely measured and stitched down from the top. These curtains perfectly fit informal space like kitchen, kid’s dorm etc.


Tab top, a contemporary heading suitable for all fabrics and only with poles.A contrasting or same fabric is evenly spaced as loops to top the curtain and easily hang across the rod. A range of materials allows you to explore great many a patterns and schemes to make your curtains according to your taste and your home décor plans and ideas. The informal tab top is undoubtedly stylish with light, simple textiles, and in neutral colours. Tap tops can be used consciously where you need light. Focus on the basic dimensions and it would help to great work, if you are passionate to try making a tab top curtain, which is pretty candid and exciting!


A great technique of crafting a contemporary look, grommet curtains hang in wide, wobbly folds. Eyelets are available in a variety of textures. Works well with any fabric-light or heavy, but right only on poles. Metallic eyelets are customarily teamed with a metal rod lending a modern, minimalistic look to your drapes. This treatment works well with plain fabrics in muted tones, and is especially effective where other fixtures in the room are metallic. It is also possible to coat the eyelets to match a colour in the fabric or to match other features in your room.