Thread Curtains

Add a speck of dramatic elegance with Thread Curtain

String curtains are a simple,yet great way to accomplish ornamental grace.Take pride in creating the assortment of thread curtain tastefully applied in a broad-range.You can realize the endless possibilities with V Furnish materials, designs, shapes and sizes and customized designer curtains. Thread curtain are totally incredibly attractive when turned into String columns, Our thread curtain are acknowledged for the properties like smooth texture, gorgeous design and superior thread strength.

Use in a doorway, in a window, or as a room divider!

Thread curtain are of high-quality yarn, a fine-looking, graceful and inimitable to draw across an opening or window…and also to dangle in a doorway, shut out the light or to provide privacy! V Furnish thread curtain, matching rod pockets and hanging panels offer seamless and unique options. Large events or marriage ceremonies, their adaptability is unquestionable — thread or string curtains can be used as background, decorate ceiling or turned into string columns.

V Furnish presents a wide spectrum of Designer Embroidery Curtains that add charm to one’s decor. Our premium quality fabric displays a spectacular appeal with embroideries and embellishments. V Furnish ensures precision and inspiration to make thread curtains attractive.