Pinch Pleat galore for curtains and valances @ V Furnish

Have you a liking for tailored curtains, you are sure to be drawn by the luxurious pinch pleat headings. Get to know here why you should prefer permanent sewn –in pleats, which are more formal and luxurious. Emphasized uniform pleats, spaced at intervals balance till the bottom layers and curves to ensure, smooth pleats and a fresh, crispy form.

Have you noticed the dramatic effects Pinch Pleated Curtains create as décor?

Pinch Pleated Curtains and Drapes provide more natural insulation, as a result of the surplus airspace amid the pleats. They can also be suspended in a more contemporary style on a fixed, ornate rod using clips attached to the drape. However, a conscious selection involves appropriate track or pole size to fit the recommended curtain or valance for its better fitting. Perhaps, necessitates more breadths of material. Do you worry over the expense? Of course, pinch pleats make you spend an extra penny, but worth your buy. V Furnish has trendy custom drapery, curtains, and valances well-known for great features and skilled workmanship and durability. We proudly acclaim our products for you can never pass without a cherry-picking the best of the best.