Velvet & Satin Curtains

Velvet and Satin curtains add glamour and a visual value to the room. They are capable of bringing out some wonderful aesthetic effects to the room. Especially when we use Velvet or satin fabric curtains, it adds a royal touch!

Velvet curtains

Velvet fabrics are very soft in nature and have a very soft hand feel. These fabrics are woven finely using the best of natural fibers with a tiny pile, to give you that unique hand feel. It adds a glossy look to the interiors.

Velvet curtains are quite heavy in weight and suits best as total blackout curtain. These curtains look great when they are hung from the roof to the floor. Vfurnish Velvet curtains add a chic feature coordinated with suitable curtain accessories like head gear, embellishments and so on.

Velvet fabric curtains are ideal for use during monsoon & winter seasons. The thick dense fibers are perfect insulators and protect from climatic changes. They also prevent flow of dust and germs from getting into the room.

Since these curtains are heavy, they require strong support to hang. Choosing of the right curtain tracks and accessories is mandatory.

Satin curtains

Satin curtain fabric is made of the finest cotton and blended fibers. They are woven in a fine count of yarn and processed to give you that unique feel and finish. These curtains allow good amount of natural light & air flow making it an ideal choice for all seasons.

Curtain properties like scarf, ropes add a touch of class to the interiors. Vfurnish Satin curtain fabrics are light and can be complimented with laced fabrics. They look very elegant in pastel colors and add glamour when used in bedrooms.

Satin curtains are easy to install and friendly to machine wash. A simple curtain rod or a good curtain track would be ideal to fix these curtains. Make you choice a loud statement by making the best combination work for you and curtain shops in Coimbatore take for through a plethora of options. Your interaction with expert’s décor suggestions with curtains at vfurnish can make your style quotient a true statement.