Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of in-home consultation do you offer?

We can visit your home to help you decide on the appropriate window treatments to your specific needs. We encourage our customers to visit our retail center to get an overview of the desired product, style, colour etc. as it is impossible to produce all of our resources. Our professionals will meet you at your home with materials- trims, hardware, tailored at your request to provide you with an idea of what your product will look like when finished. We will discuss on measurements and any detailed questions and guide you with our catalog and design collection. Please contact V Furnish for price and availability of the products.


Can I choose bamboo blinds?

Yes. With Bamboo Blinds you will have unparalleled experience and nothing can match the beauty of natural bamboo, a perfect window treatment. A completely tested locking system guarantees easy and dependable operation for the life of the product. The uniform folds in raised position give you the appearance of a decorative valance.


Is it right that Curtains work well for protection and privacy?

 Yes! Curtains can create a dramatic effect. It could serve as the best decorative to make a feature out of a window. Not just elegant, but curtains are good at protecting furniture from sunlight, keeps your rooms’ temperature well- maintained with the weather by covering draughty windows. Curtains could be the best choice for total privacy.


How do I prepare the walls for pasting the wallpapers?

Essentially, walls require attention. Wallpapering requires the wall to be of even surfaced. Using lining paper offers a good base to wallpaper; resulting in a much superior texture and so we recommend always using lining paper prior to the final wallpaper procedure. Cross lining would help to prevent wallpaper seaming or overlaying.