Door Curtains

Do you know? – Doorway curtains fend off bad luck

Decorative Door Curtains you select for the rooms set a mood and inspire the latent interior designer in you. V Furnish style curtains make you think beyond drops and bamboo to discover the practical uses for curtains in doorways today. Highlight your door openings or shield the doors, reducing humidity, using curtains is a design component you can create originally.

Choose your room’s distinct Door Curtains theme?

Adorn your doorways by hanging embellished curtains and a tie back to one side of the entry for instant sophistication. Hang heavy velvet drapes over a doorway to a study room or office for warmth and wisdom. V Furnish Curtain fringes, trimmings and enhancing hardware you cherry-pick can aid to the furnishings, elevating them from lustrous and existing to ornate classic style. A beaded curtain hung in a leisure room says “ Have fun here.”

Sometimes separating open floor in a more sizable way is desirable.

A straight rod across an arched doorway with a curtain provides a quick solution to the disorganized room problem. V Furnish patterned sheers over a patio door opens space as well as privacy without blocking light. A curtain can also be fastened to follow the arc of the entrance, or divided in the mid for a more theatrical entry.