Plain & Subtle Curtains

Plain curtains are custom-made, the choice of color speaks about ones’ personality, representing fashion quotient. Choosing the right shade of curtain is an ardent task during refurnishing homes. Curtains can dramatically change the ambience of a room.

Be it light, dark, subtle, bright, fluorescent, neutral shades are exciting. It brings out the professional designer in you and gives you the freedom to express. Plain colors curtains are timeless and fashionable.

Whether you are dressing-up your windows are the curtains flowing from the ceiling to the floor across pathways, plain color curtains can be very exciting. They can create both symmetric & asymmetric values to the room by using contrast colors. Use of one or more plain color curtains in different shapes & sizes within rooms can be mind boggling

Plain color curtains need not be plain in all essence. The fabric can have a velvet touch, a gentle texture, a touch of artistic embroidery & so on. Creative head bands and ropes can add to your creative choice of plains! Vfurnish offers a versatile curtain collection of plain curtains. These curtains especially when coordinated with laces, can bring about the glam quotient to window dressing.

The essence of the curtain lies in the choice of the fabric! Ideally, fabrics made of natural fibers like Cotton & linen add its class to your creative designs. It can provide both a contemporary finish and a fresh look to a room.

These curtain fabrics are best when machine washed and easy to maintain. They can be fixed in a short time with the latest curtain tracks and add-on accessories!

Subtle colours can evoke emotions and make us feel happy & relaxed. Choice of colors are often deeply personal and a reflection of our emotions! Interior designers strongly believe that colors can dramatically affect moods & feelings.

Subtle color curtains are associated with better impact on people- increased metabolism, lesser eyestrain and bring down stress levels. Subtle color curtains have a better impact on individuals and, It is often associated with love and passion. Naturally, people love to use to furnish their home with subtle color curtains.

Different rooms reflect different emotions, a warm & receptive hall, a calm study room, relaxing bedroom and so on. Vfurnish Subtle colour curtains are available in a wide color palette to emit different moods in

Colours do have therapeutic effect on people. Subtle colors like blue, peach, pink, and lilac can uplift your mood. They bring about a sense feel good factor and influence performance! Subtle colors curtain makes an ideal choice for seasonal changes. There are several choices to beat the summer heat & icy winters!

Cotton, Linen and few other natural fabrics are ideal for subtle color curtains. They are very adaptive and have better fastness to color. Whether tailor made or readymade, they are the ideal choice of the buyer in terms of cost efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance.

These curtains come in plains, satin finish, textured or even in jacquard design for suitable home dressing. Modern curtain tracks are available for easy installation of subtle colour curtains that candour style and grace. They also compliment well with luxurious curtain accessories to provide the room a very refreshing feel.

After all, home is where we belong to!