Shower Curtains

Shower curtains make an exclusive style. A good shower gives the best start to the day. Give your bathroom a good makeover. Wash room interiors can come alive with beautiful curtains. Shower curtain is one of the largest design pieces that induces style and luxury to the bathroom.

Curtains are used in washroom interiors to create private spaces for specific purpose. Washrooms form an integral part of bedroom. It’s not just a bathroom- wash rooms are designed to provide ultimate luxury. They are often used as a SPA to relax in the hot tub, rain shower cubicle to enjoy a rain dance and so on.

Shower curtains can be combined with liners to help prevent splashing of water all around the washroom. Curtain fabrics could be made of both natural and synthetic fibers. Shower liners are usually made of waterproof fabrics like Vinyl, Polyester, Nylon or other synthetic fabrics. These liners are installed around the inner rim of a bath tub or shower cubes.

Shower curtains come in a wide range of designs to compliment your homes. Plains, bright floral patterns, subtle matrix, mood elevating lavenders, you name them and it is available. Kids do have a choice of their friendly characters accompany them for a shower.

Most of the shower curtains are hydrophobic and water repellent in nature. They do not require any washing or special attention. They are stain free and very easy to maintain. They do not allow any splashing of soapy foam all across the washrooms and prevents of any form of microbial growth. Find the choicest shower curtains at vfurnish from an array of curtain collections.

These shower curtains can be hung from the ceiling or from a specific height. It gives you the ultimate privacy and helps protect the mirrors from fogging with hot steam.

The synthetic shower curtain fabrics are made of re-cycled materials and helps you reduce the environmental impact.

Enjoy the SPA like feel in your own wash room!