Sumptuous Stitching Models

We can offer you amazing Stitching Models from various curtain models that suites your space with pleasant ambience. Let us go through V Furnish fantastic models for your curtains below:

Pencil pleats, model is the simple or traditional form of folding to get perfect window dressing and mostly preferred for the narrow or wide casements hung on the chords.

Pinch Pleat is stitched with precise measurement gives you perfect finishing by consuming more draperies in its decorative heading. Pinch pleats use all fabrics packed then pencil pleats to give you luxurious appearance after customization.

Goblet type is a formal kind which gives standard heading which also consume more fabrics than pencil pleats using thick fabric that exactly fit to the trail/rod precisely. But to note that goblet model is mostly preferred for small kind of windows.

Triple pinch pleats is like French pleats heading creating a formal ambience for the room, also can adjust the pleats which is hanged on both side of curtain track and poles.

Only pole based stitching for all fabric looks in contemporary style is made through Tab top model particularly focusing on controlling light.

Eyelet is a model in which the curtains hang wide with wobbly folds available in various textures. Metallic eyelets are there teamed with metal rods in minimalist look for drapes. You can even coat color for the eyelets that matches the fabric.

Captivating curtains are the designer curtains which are easily colored, long lasting model can also be combinedwith2 colors.