Can your taste for curtains become the décor of your home?

Tab Top Curtains made with flat loops spaced along the top edge of the curtain, showcase on a decorative curtain rod or pole. Hung without curtain rings, Tab-Tops can easily be drawn open or closed without pull cords. Choose voile or linen a lighter material for some transparency. Velvet, corduroy, tapestry, or damask is heavy materials, to block out light or droughts. Where you don’t need privacy, try lace, chiffon, or organza. V Furnish Tab-Top curtains fit the window size or you are free to add detail with a simple valance atop adding another style treatment.

Tab Top Curtains ensemble a casual setting

With V Furnish array of materials you can choose and use a great number of patterns and designs. Tab Tops can be the best window treatment to suit your requirement. Open it in the middle, identical to a café drape or divide the preferred width to create two pieces that open to each side of the window or use as a shield such as a valance, compose the fabric panels to obtain the favourite width. Just maintain the basic measurements and calculations, but overall creating your own tab top curtains is appealing and really straightforward!