Animal & Birds Wallpaper

Advantages of wall papers

Wallpapers, elegant décor additions to walls, make hallways, receptions, living room cordial and enlivening. Every year during the festive season, people love to re-decorate their houses. It’s tough choice between paint the walls. Wall papers have come a long way as an alternate from traditional paint with a variety of themes, textures &colors. Wallpapers can bring about instant changes in the mood and style and unleash fresh life to walls!

Wallpapers are easy to handle and requires shorter turnaround time to fix. They are very durable & can even last for over 15 years. It can subdue any imperfections in the wall & can provide better aesthetics. Unlike traditional paints, it’s not messy and saves you from the hassles of floor cleaning. Above all, it is stain resistant and is easy to wet clean! Unlike paint, wallpaper does not leave unpleasant odour and Eco-friendly!

Animal & Bird theme

Wallpapers offer to kindle imagination and creativity of the kids with the modern prints that bring home the choicest animals and birds. We all love Animals and birds, Don’t we? We love to have them as our pets at home. It’s an extension of our love towards animals that we love to use themed wall papers. Do not hunt for a wallpaper shop. Vfurnish rolls out the newest arrivals of animal wall papers and birds wallpapers to choose from to reflects your love for nature and spread the awareness to protect them. You have a choice of animals and bird family – The royals, the Majesty, The winged birds with riot of colors, the tiny ones, colorful butterflies, and so on. These enigmatic themes can serve as a feature wall and can subtly complement the soft furnishings in the room.