Bed Headboard

6 things make your bed headboard a unique choice!

The warmth of a well-made bed is always inviting. Bed is a very personal space and means a lot to every individual. A place for good health, reading, working, learn new things, new ideas and what not…
Beds come in different sizes to match your need and a cozy bed headboard makes a cot, complete. A great-looking headboard can add a touch of class to your bedroom.
Headboards are an extension of your personality that offers’ great support to your back for the large amount of time you spend reading and working.
Headboards can be made to design or can be chosen from the available designs. There is a wide choice of bed headboards available and, here are few points to consider before buying one
1. Hard (or) Soft back
It’s primary to make this decision. The preference is very individual and can chose from a range of hard wood back (or) comfy soft back. Hard backs can be made of a variety of wood. Soft back comes in a plethora of choices- Fabrics, Upholstery, leather, Silk, Velvet, Satin, etc.
2. Made to order (or) ready- made
Often furniture manufacturers’ provide the bed along with choice of headboards but, readymade boards also come in very handy.
3. Size & shape of the headboard
It is very important to decide on the length, width & height of the headboard. If you have an empty wall, a symmetric headboard could add more elegance to your bedroom. From a simple rectangular shaped board to a well ornate leather board, vintage or modern design, the shape of the headboard adds opulence to your bed.
4. Choice of material
This is a tuff decision to make. There is a plethora of Hard & soft materials to match your interiors! Soft headboards can be made of anything from cotton, velvet, leather, upholstery fabric, etc. Please keep in mind that your choice does not become home for bed mites that require heavy maintenance!
5. Storage space
The decision depends purely on the size of your room. If you choose to have a storage space, ensure easy accessibility to the space.
6. Choice of fabric:
The color & texture of the fabric adds great value to the headboard. Tufted headboards with fabric covered buttons, ribbon laced edges, metal nails. Embellishments can complement your interiors.
Upholstery headboards
Upholstery fabrics are attractive, economical and trendy for designing soft headboards. The fabric is very versatile and allows you to bring out your dream board. It’s easy on maintenance & does not attract dust. There is a wide range of colors, design and textures to match your interiors.