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V Furnish prides for being one of the most renowned brands in the furnishing field. We credit our success adapting ethics and philosophy through people, systems and a sincere focus on client service. In response to continuous growth and opportunities, we cherish to work with all segments of the mass media to offer trend updates in the furnishing industry, expert reviews and discussions, new product launch leads and our gallery of lifestyle illustrations. We have an exclusive team to work effectively and deliver a relevant response to deadlines.

What does V Furnish offer?

A comprehensive archive of professional photographs on many types of blind, shades, curtains and window dressing ideas in a variety of homes and corporate settings are in stock to create a vibe.

You can include expert discussion on the style of products and relevant press releases in our News & Events

What are we working on right now?

A new furnishings collection – please contact us to sneak a preview of some exceptionally wonderful new illustrations. The following topics are really exclusive to serve the consumers on home care.

  • Concepts to draught-proof your home
  • Keep homes cosy and energy efficient

We invite media from all diversity at the national or regional press level, magazine publishers, radio, TV, Instagram etc.Be part of the synergy!