Beautiful Curtains Designs

V Furnish brings you a variety of Curtains Designs

Window curtains, is being used in bed chamber, kitchen, office spaces for the ventilation control and adjusting desired amount of light. The furnishing depends upon the window type and the use of double or single layered model (can be of any pattern).

When coming to the door curtains, the style in which it is hanged on doors to maintain warm atmosphere using decorative bead work or velvet drapes.

Sheer curtains
, simple window treatment gives a privacy shelter acts as daylight filters through window drapes with the semi-sheer and sheer collections.

Valances, decorative drape that add dramatic or majestic touch for your curtains in home for the easy control of light and an elegant appearance of window pane which covered fully folded and draped in contemporary style.Pelmets is the addition for your window panes gives perfect customization for any size and shaped window in contemporary style.

Black out curtains is the inexpensive model window treatment which produces excellent air balancing for the season. Added benefit of black out curtains can be made for any sized window produce a gloom in room with its blackout lining.

Thread curtains are used for the purpose of ornamental decoration in broad range. Such type of string curtains will be smooth in texture with high strength and marvelous in design. An opening side or a window can be filled with this high quality yarn preferred mostly for large events like marriage ceremonies.

Perfect finishing of doors and windows of any size and shape is filled with the variety patterns of ready-made curtains preferred mostly for the bed rooms, living rooms or kid’s room.

Drape model is another type which gives immense decorative touch for your rooms with blocking of heat and cold, light, sound in attractive price.