High-end Curtain Rods and Finials

A Curtain Rods, curtain rail, or navigation bar are accessories to suspend curtains. Check V Furnish curtain rod and finials to learn the simplest and easiest ways to add detail to your paradise. Explore our extensive collection of window hardware and select the precise window treatments. A very basic rod with simple ball finials and suitable contrast paint integrates with the wallpaper. What an impact!

Do you see many ways to create a discrete style?

Alternatively, you could cover the rod with the same fabric as the curtains, or create symmetry by enfolding a creeper of artificial floras round it. Peruse V Furnish collection of elaborate textures, including gold-plated, pewter, satin, etc….. Add some detail to your windows with crackled glass knobs, bronze finish or matte finish curtain rods for instant sophistication.

Accentuate your homes with seamless accessories

Curtain rod brackets, window curtain rods made of many materials including- wood, metal and plastic offer endless styles and designs. Curtain rods are available in different shapes and designs like a crane or swing arm. Of course, price and product go higher with quality and design. Discover the precise curtain rod and finials to aid elegance and splendour to your windows.