V Furnish has an amazing team of well-organized and professional tradesmen.  Cheers for your support with wallpaper selection and co-ordination.  We adore the excellent work and the enchanted look of our “new” home.

Gopal Krishnan, HP Jewellery, Coimbatore

V Furnish wallpaper team is quick, well-mannered and obliging.    Their prompt supply and service is superb. Detailing and installation of wallpaper was very impressive.

Hotel Anadhas,Ramnagar,Coimbatore

Goodness, Gracious! I see my house turned into a home.  What a magic V Furnish has done to my home? It is looking awesome!!! My kids have great fun and we have become a very creative family to guide others. Amazing job team.

Pooja Agarwal

I was looking for blinds with all-in-one feature- softly filtered light for better views during the day, privacy, UV Protection and glare reduction. More importantly save on energy bills. Luckily V Furnish crew guided me to choose their Roller Blinds. Wow, What a relief! I just admire my blinds. Thank you V Furnish.

Dr.Praveen, Thangam Hospital, Palakkad

The beauty of our V Furnish blinds is their efficient control of light, heat & Glare. There is a multitude of styles & countless fabric colors, textures & transparencies to pick to your taste. Need not worry about the quality and service; you are sure to enjoy all vital advantages from the supportive professional team.

Ravi,Hotel Saranava Bhavan ,velankanni

Choose V Furnish Curtains and Blinds because of their speed of response. A creative team with professional expertise and technical details support you. Bet You! You will ever regret your choice. I am really happy with the ideas, range, and professionalism, courtesy and efficiency.

Shamili, Ford, Coimbatore

My corporate visitors and clients never left the place without a mention on my new blinds. They are just adorable, sleek and contemporary. What fascinates is the slim line fit to maximize views and it just puts you on your couch with Low maintenance.

Srinivasan, Ultra Ready-mix Concrete,Coimbatore

My new-fangled curtains look really sensational. Thank you V Furnish designers for all your assistance and service. I wouldn’t hesitate to come for furnishing collections in future. Keep me well-informed of your updates and trend creations.

Cristina, CTS, Coimbatore

The curtains made were really beautiful. Our newly constructed houses looked so elegant. I must record my clients’ words here. The  first  thing  they  mentioned about  our  homes  was  how  the  curtains  were draped.  The  vast  range  of  colours  and  fabrics,  the  service  and  the  honest  concern. V Furnish made me so happy.


WOW! You  did  a  fantastic  job  and  I  love  my studio more than ever.  I would endorse for your efficiency and workmanship. I purchased all of my blinds from V Furnish. Great quality, perfect fit, and the rates are the best I’ve found.