Customized Blinds

Customized blinds are ideal to furnish newly build homes. Architects have the freedom to unleash their creativity, lavishly. They could design a green house incorporating skylights & large window panes to allow natural lighting. Such designs need light / temperature control where in, these blinds play a perfect role.

Window blinds are primarily used to control the amount of natural light, provide privacy & compliment the interiors. Whatever is your choicecustomized blinds and vertical blindsvfurnish offers a wide variety of customized blinds to diverse needs. Vertical blinds have varying thermal effects in both hot and cold temperatures.

Ceiling windows require customized blinds since their position – especially the retractable blinds. Customized roller blinds allow the natural light to pass through your living space and keep them bright. These blinds can also be used to control the room temperature- either by keeping it open or closed.

Customized blinds are more versatile in style & shapes. They can be installed both in both direction – horizontal or vertical. These blinds are made of material like poly fabric, light metal, PVC, vinyl, plastic or wood.

Let’s take a peek look into the type of blinds available for use -The typical Venetian horizontal blind, the Vertical blinds, Wooden blinds, Fabric blinds, Panel track blinds, Roller blinds and so on. The choice of the blind selection depends on the area of application.

Vfurnish customize blinds have better endurance and are more durable. They can fit into delicate areas with ease and require very minimal maintenance.

Highly advanced micro tracks & rollers are available to fix these blinds. They can glide with ease either by hand-pulled string or motorized. For sheer comfort, these blinds can be suitably automated to operate remotely.

To sum-up, there are several advantages in using these customized blinds – they provide aesthetics, natural light & ventilation, control room temperature energy saving and never go out of style!