Patterns and Panel Wallpapers

Have you a simple alternate to wall art or wallpapering the entire wall?

At V Furnish Framed wallpaper is a fantastic substitute to wall painting or any wall covering. The frame sizes can be made-to-order as you or your designer’s choice. If bold paneling alone feels too plain, consider an exciting mixture of elements for your interiors. Discover new and unusual ways to play with Patterns & Panels Wallpapers. Repeat the hues or shades in the window treatment, just watch the magic created.

New Patterns & Panels Wallpapers accents your walls

Modern hang panels are manufactured with molded frames that replicate a work of art. These patterns and panels offer a stylish background for a decorative masterpiece. V Furnish light 3D wallpaper in coimbatore patterns and panels wallpapers work together repeating synchronized patterns to create large-scale textured walls of any length and form. These modern, patterns and panels wallpapers create a sculptural and continuous facet to any room locale that you can opt for permanent installation or as per your spec. They go up with just clay-based wallpaper paste or hung on a rod with our hanging System, so it’s even easy enough to install and to remove later. Don’t be surprised if we mention the wall panels can take a dash of paint as well.