How wallpaper can really make an accent wall pop?

Wallpaper convert any ordinary space magically energetic and colorful. The quiet barriers speak the language of fine art, aesthetics and become inspiring storytellers. Wallpapers replicate the nature of our environment, whether it is a house or office, lending beauty and vibrancy to the interiors. From V Furnish generate pictures and graphics of your desire from contemporary  wallpapers, produced using advanced technology, including modern scanning systems.

Did you choose a unique wallpaper, but stuck without an easy cruising way to fix it?

Well, here’s your home decor solution to fix it. Similar to a canvas process, wallpaper involves appropriate surface preparation before application.  Apply Spackle paste to address wall fissures and use sandpaper smooth any existing imperfections. A coat of wallpaper primer makes fixing better.  Prepare a painter’s space either a work table or the floor and ensure to start with clean hands.

Wow- at-Work! An expert decorator is all eyes for detail

Now you are all set for the task. Accurate measurement of the room (size, breadth, and elevation), along with a number of windows and doorways is essential for papering a whole wall. Cut the wallpaper into vertical strips to measurement with an extra length of the wall height; once the paper is mounted, you can trim the excess length. Get your pattern lines of the wallpaper in proper sequence, either arranging them on the floor or taping temporarily to secure them. Attractive drops, or reappearances, in a pattern can be used more economically from interchanging the rolls of paper.

Awe-inspiring interior-all yours with a perfect play

Mark the places to mount the paper. Next, fill the wallpaper glue in a paint roller tray, for sure; it makes way to give a quick and even glue base to the back of the paper. Now apply the strips of wallpaper one at a time, work from the center outwards and smoother out using a flexible evener. Work from top down at elevations with longer strips, but not without help. Maintain the symmetry or pattern and avoid overlaps as well. An allowance of 15 minutes is more than enough to scrutinize and criticize your work. Finally, push lathers out toward the borders carefully. Sponge out surplus adhesive; also smoother the surface to make it picture-perfect.

What a magic have you done to your home with the wallpapers! What next? It’s celebration time.