Curtains add a “Distinctive style”

Motorized curtains complement a beauty accent and architects consider curtain lay-out plan a vital part while planning interior design of a building. Curtains play a multi-faceted application depending on the area of installation. Find a profusion of designs and fabric at curtain shops from a basic function of light reduction at home to a highly secure enclosure in the health care industry, Curtains have a spectrum of application.
Use of motorized curtains track with precise guided motion rollers allows the movement of the curtains in both vertical and horizontal direction. Curtain motors are very adaptable and easy to install. Motorized curtains with highly precise guided motions can be suitably automated for absolute comfort!
Architects prefer to use more of skylights to provide natural lighting. eco-friendly buildings having features like skylights that allow natural light, free airflow and weather control feature using motorized curtains, etc.

Do you enjoy pulling curtains in the morning?

During hot summer, skylights emit more heat. In such applications, motorized curtains come in handy to control the room temperature and minimize green gas emissions. When it comes to window curtains, vertical controls help, whether it is a sun- roof or a window curtain, motorized curtain is the best solution.
Remote motorized curtains are user friendly! Connected to a centralized system and operated through a remote control or a smart phone, these curtains are noiseless, require minimal energy and maintenance, also adding sophistication. Window motorized curtains are sleek and ergonomically designed to fit in blind spots. Quicker turnaround time, flexibility and ease of installation making it an ideal choice, operated individually, and set to function at specific time intervals.
Zebra motorized curtains are known for their unique design and light control features. Zebra shades comprises of double layer light filter and opaque fabrics. This allows you to light filter in the day and block any form of light for privacy to provide ultimate comfort!