Curtains are pretty much a necessity, no matter where we live. Curtains are more than just window dressing for our home. The choice of curtain design can not only enhance the décor but can also control light & provide privacy.
Designer curtains are available in various styles- Solids, plains, sheer, textured, embezzled, digital prints and so on. What really matters while choosing the right curtain is the area of installation.
We would like to share certain tips that might help you to choose the right designer curtains.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are chosen for their ability to stop any light from passing through. The fabric would be quite thick and is less opaque. These curtains can work as insulators – they help in room temperature control & noise reduction.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are soft in nature and provide a silky hand feel. They are quite light in weight, transparent and allow free flow of air. These sheer curtain fabrics are available in silk, velvet, netted lace or textured patterns. These curtains can be complimented with laces to provide very good aesthetics when dropped from certain heights.

Flat panel curtains

Flat panel curtains are thick in weight & can be in multiple layers. Curtains are mostly patterned with slight gathers and, unlined. The fabric is made of cotton, linen & other lighter weight blended fibers. They are very elegant in monochrome colors. These fabrics are easy to machine wash and have a decent durability.

Tier curtains

As the name suggest, curtains are used in tier to create privacy & provide light simultaneously. They are partially hung–up in a window & often installed in contemporary living spaces. They compliment the traditional wooden windows with designer iron grills.

Curtain track & accessories

It is equally important to choose the right mode of curtain hangers. Be it curtain rods, curtain tracks, hidden glides – the length, width & weight of the curtain is prime for the selection.