If I say V Furnish is going to just announce our colors of the year 2019, so you have got all colors on the brain. We have got your guide to the top trending colors of this year and a look forward at what will be trending next season with help from team of expert designers and color gurus.

Best ever Tips for Decorating with Color

I am sure that Color is the first thing that you think of when redecorating your home or a room. It can add magnetism whether you are painting a whole room, giving furniture a new hue, or refurbish your window treatments.

Actually I am going to incorporate some faq’s about your perception over colors and I am sure that this will give you an exquisite coloring ideas.

  1. When you should clutch a trending color and when you stick with timeless neutral?

Normally people prefer trending color for small but important furniture pieces, like side-table or chair. Whereas, classic and timeless colors emphasis your home’s look, especially when it is used for couches and dining area, as well as the core palette for your wall colors. Still sometimes trendy colors also work well as accent wall colors, but it does depend on one’s desire.

  1. How often should you revamp your room’s color scheme?

Feel free to switch out your accent wall colors every year or atleast once in a two year, to freshen up your look. On the other hand you can change your color schema according to the season. A change in smaller bursts of color with seasons, such as summer and spring.

  1. Which is your favorite unexpected place to use color?

This might be a different question. I know you may answers for this question. However did you ever think that how to make your unexpected place to a most expected place? You can start with a great piece of wall art or a throw pillow, but it’s a common solution Apart from that we can brighten-up your unexpected place by rejuvenating your Window blinds. You may think that what’s new with this. Of Course when you revitalize your window blinds with colourful fabrics and shades, it gives an alluring ambience. Sometimes you can even swap out the hardware and gadgets on your cabinets and drawers with a colorful artistic style for added drama.

  1. How can you bring color into a room with window treatments?

Patterned window blinds fabric are so beautiful when balancing with classic and trendy colors. A large-scale vertical stripe or floral designs with light colors is always clean and classic and it’s suits for your home as well as office spaces, while a bold checked pattern can be more fun for holidays or cooler months. 

  1. How is your go-to window treatment look?

Roller blinds are great choice for a simple and clean look, and above all it works well in the bathroom and kitchen. Blind shades having bold colors like fuchsia and emerald green are one of the greatest statement pieces for your living room or master bedroom.

If you Want More Coloring ideas, head over to V Furnish to see our complete Window blinds design ideas from top interior designers and more!